Greg Carlson, Province of Manitoba

In May 2011, Greg Carlson was appointed director of GeoManitoba, a new unit created to provide leadership in the Province’s use of GIS technology, coordinate the development of a new spatial data infrastructure for the storage, management and dissemination of government’s geospatial and GIS information.

In addition to providing land surveying, remote sensing, topographic, and cadastral mapping services, GeoManitoba also supports government’s intentions to enhance  current GIS capacity and  to provide a revitalized approach for the acquisition and management of geospatial data and information.

Greg grew up in Winnipeg and has worked for Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship since graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry in 1983.

Greg notes that a key mandate for GeoManitoba is to establish new partnerships and enhance collaboration within Manitoba’s GIS community.