Welcome and Opening Remarks
Denise Champion, ADM Strategic Initiatives, GCPE


Geospatial Information & Ecological Observatories on B.C.’s Coastal Margin
Eric Peterson, President, Hakai Institute
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Update on Ontario SDI
James Britton, Province of Ontario


Implementing Manitoba’s Spatial Data Infrastructure
Greg Carlson, Province of Manitoba


Governance and Process Improvements for SDIs
Colin MacDonald, Province of Nova Scotia
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Evolution from Devolution: A Look Forward at NWT SDI renewal project
Daniel Gibson, Northwest Territories
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Spatial Data Infrastructure at Statistics Canada
Elaine Castonguay, Statistics Canada


SDI Evaluation Frameworks
Gordon Plunkett, Esri and GeoAlliance Canada Board
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Leveling Up: Growing GeoDiscover Alberta
Daryl McEwan, Province of Alberta
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BC’s Spatial Data Infrastructure – Highlights 2015
Elaine Dawson, Province of BC
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The Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure
Prashant Shukle, Director General, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation
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Canada as a Geo Destination for the World
Prashant Shukle, Director General, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation
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The Federal Geospatial Platform
Eric Loubier, Director, GeoBase, Natural Resources Canada
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Crowdsourcing Data on Active Transportation
Dr. Trisalyn Nelson, University of Victoria
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Climate Change and the Challenge of Delivering Information
Dr. Francis Zwiers – Director, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
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Geospatial Information Management and Spatial Data Infrastructure
Trevor Taylor, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
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Jumping Ahead: Meaningful Metadata Modernization
Erin Mansell, Government of Alberta
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Developing the Harmonized Government of Canada Geospatial Metadata Profile Standard
Eric Loubier for Ashley Casovan, Treasury Board Canada


Courtyard Cafe – Summary of Table Discussions
 SDI Summit Actions

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