2015 Pan-Canadian SDI Summit

The Province of BC in collaboration with the Canadian Council on Geomatics, Natural Resources Canada and the Open Geospatial Consortium is hosting the second Pan Canadian Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Summit on November 24, 2015. This meeting will explore the role of governments in realizing better means for sharing geographic data and developing improved location-based services for meeting real world needs.

Across Canada spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) are being set up to facilitate the sharing of geospatial information. Although each jurisdiction has taken a slightly different approach, we are all striving towards the same outcome – making our geospatial information more accessible and interoperable for all our stakeholders.

The goal of the annual Pan-Canadian SDI Summit is help foster the establishment of a network of spatial data infrastructures across Canada to enable the sharing of geospatial data and information among public sector organizations and the public. This one day Summit will be held in Victoria.

The Agenda is focused around effective data cataloguing and data discovery; data standardization and data interoperability; data access and visualization; location services; opportunities for collaboration /partnerships and the importance of geospatial information for sustainable resource development, the environment and emergency management.

Speakers include:

  • Eric Peterson, President, Hakai Institute on Geospatial Information and Ecological Observatories on BC’s Coastal Margin
  • Dr. Trisalyn Nelson, Professor, University of Victoria on Harnessing the Power of the Crowd
  • Dr. Francis Zwiers, Director, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium on Climate Change and the Challenge of Delivering Information
  • Trevor Taylor, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) on the Role of Standards in Geospatial Information Management
  • Prashant Shukle, Natural Resource Canada on Making Canada a Geo-Data Destination

This is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with your federal/provincial counterparts to identify strategic opportunities for standardization, co-development and partnership.

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